OpenStack Swift Deployment

OpenStack Swift Deployment using Bash Script(All in one Setup, Stein Version)                       Download and execute Source Code by as follows                                        git clone cd Bash-Script-for-OpenStack-Swift-Installation bash <object_storage_disk_name> Example: sdc Note: <object_storage_disk_name> is, the disk where you want install object storage This bash script will install the Stein version of OpenStack with the keystone, […]

OpenStack Stein Installation using Bash Script

OpenStack Stein Installation using Bash Script(All in one Setup) Download and execute Source Code by as follows git clone cd Bash-Script-for-OpenStack-Stein-Installation bash Note: This bash script will install the Stein version of OpenStack with the keystone, glance, placement, nova, neutron and Horizon Services The conf directory contains the preconfigured config files of the […]

Resizing Instance in OpenStack

In OpenStack there are two ways to resize an Instance, i) Resize instance on the same compute node ii) Resize instance on the other compute node i) Resize instance on the same compute node Normally, While resizing an instance Nova will try to contact other compute node for does resize. But our use case is […]

Zabbix Installation Script

Zabbix is an open-source monitoring software tool for networks, servers, virtual machines(VMs) and cloud services. It provides monitoring metrics of CPU load, Memory utilization disk space usage, networking and etc. It monitors operations on Linux, Windows, Mac and other popular operating systems, monitoring is only possible through agents. In Zabbix datum are stored in MySQL, […]

Bash script for OpenStack Snapshot

Creating Snapshot for OpenStack Instance and Download that image from glance #Input Description Server_Name – Name of the Instance Snapshot_Name – In Which Name you want the Snapshot will be created Openrc_File – Path of the credentials file (Ex – /home/eranachandran/admin-openrc) Snapshot_Location – Where the snapshot will be stored After Downloading Snaptshot from glance Downtime_in_Minutes […]

Securing Swift API Service Endpoints

In previous i have posted about OpenStack Object Storage(swift), this post is Securing Object Storage Service API endpoints in OpenStack Queens environment(Configuring OpenSSL) Consider your having Swift API service endpoints in https like below mentioned Consider your having Certificate and key file like below mentioned Certificate File – openstack.crt and Key File – openstack.key Steps […]

OpenStack and Object Storage(Swift )

OpenStack Platform Openstack Is an open source cloud computing platform used to implement the cloud environment. This environment is providing the best way to manage a large amount of data, it has a large number of resources, networking, and storage which provides reliable performance. The OpenStack platform will accept all integrations and the operating system […]

Securing OpenStack API service endpoints using CA Signed Certificates

CA Certificate(certificate authority) CA-Signed Certificates are Valid SSL Certificates, the main difference between self-signed certificates and Trusted CA Certificates is the browsers will throw an error for self-signed certificate (Insecure Warning and the certificate is not valid SSL, not issued by trusted CA) . In previous posts was published about the Configuring Self-signed certificates for OpenStack […]

Configuring OpenSSL for OpenStack Horizon

Create a Self-Signed certificates’s keyfile and certificate file using Following OpenSSL command, sudo openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout  /etc/ssl/client.key -out /etc/ssl/client.crt  The above command generates client.key file and client.crt file  Configuring SSL in /etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl.conf Now Horizon will work with both http and https, so the http traffic should be redirected as https, this will be enabled by adding Redirect / https:// {domain or […]

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