Adding Self-Signed Certificate for Heat and Cinder API Service Endpoints

Configuring Self-Signed Certificate for Heat API Service endpoints  Update /etc/heat/heat.conf  [DEFAULT]  heat_metadata_server_url = https://controller:8000  heat_waitcondition_server_url = https://controller:8000/v1/waitcondition  [clients_keystone]  auth_uri = https://controller:35357  cert_file =  /etc/ssl/client.pem  key_file =  /etc/ssl/client-key.pem  insecure = true  [ec2authtoken]  auth_uri = https://controller:5000/v3  cert_file =  /etc/ssl/client.pem  key_file =  /etc/ssl/client-key.pem  insecure = true  [heat_api]  cert_file = /etc/ssl/client.pem  key_file = /etc/ssl/client-key.pem  [keystone_authtoken]  auth_uri = https://controller:5000  auth_url = https://controller:35357  certfile =  /etc/ssl/client.pem  keyfile =  /etc/ssl/client-key.pem  insecure = true  [trustee]  auth_url = https://controller:35357  After this, make the changes in endpoint urls from http to https in Database or recreate the endpoints […]

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