Simple Ansible Script to Provision an Instance In AWS EC2

Ec2 Instance provisioning example – name: Creating AWS resources hosts: localhost vars: aws_access_key: aws_secret_key: key_name: aws_region: vpc_id: vpc_subnet_id: ami_id: instance_type: my_local_cidr_ip: group_id: connection: local gather_facts: False tasks: – name: Create an EC2 instance ec2: aws_access_key: “{{aws_access_key}}” aws_secret_key: “{{aws_secret_key}}” key_name: “{{key_name}}” region: “{{aws_region}}” vpc_subnet_id: “{{vpc_subnet_id}}” group_id: “{{group_id}}” instance_type: “{{instance_type}}” image: “{{ami_id}}” wait: yes volumes: – device_name: […]

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