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Redis and Load balancer to Build a High Available Web Application Environment

Redis is an opensource distributed caching engine and in-memory data structure store. It can be used as a database, cache and a message broker. It also improves the availability of the applications during the outages. PHP Session Handling By using Redis 1. Architecture 2. Installing and Configuring Redis i) Installing Redis ii) Configuring Redis 3. […]

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Create a VM from a managed image in Azure

Multiple Virtual Machine can be created from managed images in Azure by using a portal, Azure Command Line Interface (CLI), Azure Cloud shell or Azure Resource Manager Templates. Before Creating a new VM the Managed Image Should be created and the read access to that source VM should be granted to the users who going […]

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Integrating Jenkins with Gerrit to build CI Environment

CI(Continuous Integration) Continuous Integration is a software development practice, where the code changes are frequently, integrated into a shared repository and each integration the builds are validated through automated tests. GerritGerrit is a free and OpenSource web-based collaborative code review tool, which was integrated with git. It also has the feature to maintain the history […]

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